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Parashakti and Sacred Steve give a Sacred Chocolate Offering



In honor of this month’s theme, The Blindfold, Parashakti spoke to “Sacred Steve" Adler, creator of “Sacred Chocolate”, about embodiment and what it means to embody your vision, the song of the heart.

Parashakti: What inspired you to create the image of the heart?

Sacred Steve: The heart that came forth is a physical manifestation of that holy sacred chamber within each of us. It is the sacred space through which we are constantly connected to the divine and through which all of our love constantly flows for all of eternity. The sacred heart chocolate bar, which is also physically built and designed out of sacred geometry, is an image that provides a wakeup call to humanity to seek their own sacred hearts, and awaken within their own sacred hearts to become more and more empowered. Sacred Chocolate is both a sacrament and a vehicle for awakening. It was created with that intention. It’s evolved out of my own spiritual path and my own sacred heart awakening.

Parashakti: When we connect to that place, a certain beat, we connect to our own hearts and feel the rhythm. There’s a pulse, there’s a song to it. Fully invoke the heart, in the present moment, and tell me, what is your heart asking for? What does your heart want to share?

Sacred Steve: This sacred heart is calling out to all of humanity to seriously seek the sacred heart, and understand it through experience, through others, through its own manifestations via primal magnetism, and through the embracing of infinity.  My sacred heart really wants humanity to get excited about the power that is allowed and available through that sacred heart, the deep omniscient understanding that’s available through the higher intelligence of the sacred heart, and the deep peace available by coming home to the sacred heart. That’s what my sacred heart is all about. My sacred heart is a messenger to all other sacred hearts that it’s time to take back your power. The divine power that reaches throughout all structure and throughout all that is not structure. A good practice on how to take back this power is the embracing of all that has infinity associated with it, for example, forgiveness. Forgiveness is associated with infinity, since there is no logic associated with forgiveness, and one can forgive forever. Forgiveness really lies outside of all structure, and that’s why forgiveness has power over structure. That’s what this sacred heart is wanting all other sacred hearts to link into.

Parashakti: There is a moment in collective consciousness that happens on the dance floor, after the dancer confronts the shadow, fear. A certain point where there is a celebration of awakening. That’s when the seed of the heart unites through mutual dance and uplifts the energy. It’s profound to facilitate and witness this. With cacao, there is an element of energetic field, of divine love, and since your symbol is the heart, can you talk about the essence of knowing the YES…..the expression of Yes. You can then move forward and make change. Please share some wisdom in how you put this wisdom into action. For example, you put into action creating chocolates. Your experience allows for others to experience this awakening. It’s not just eating the chocolate. How do you take the experience “off the mat” and actually create it. How do you take a dream and a vision and put it into action?

Sacred Steve: Sacred chocolate is a sacred sacrament and tool to allow an empowerment of the heart and at the same time, relax the mind. That is really the struggle of humanity--that relationship between the sacred heart and mind. In its right and proper relationship, the mind is tuned perfectly to the sacred heart, and a willing servant to the sacred heart. Taking its direction and guidance from the feeling and intent of the sacred heart allows the sacred heart’s purpose, intentions and feelings to be brought into physical manifestation.  And, in this role, the mind is at peace and in a state of bliss.  The first key to bringing forth your true dreams into reality is finding that right relationship between your mind and your sacred heart. That can sometimes happen in an instant and sometimes it can take many years. It begins with the understanding that the mind does not have the capacity to change your life. The mind is very powerful, of course, and very complex, but at end of day, it is just a logic machine, an information transmitting, receiving, and storage machine. It allows us to integrate into a shared reality. The trouble begins when the mind is trying to run the show and is attempting to be the “commander in chief” of your life. Living in your mind does not empower your soul’s covenants, and will deteriorate your immune system over time. Your mind needs input, and if the input is coming from anywhere other than your sacred heart, you may very well run into a log jam, or you may end up on a wild goose chase, or you may even end up insane.

The real big key here is to get in touch with your soul and your sacred heart, understand what your mind is, and practice whatever it is that you practice, whether it is a physical practice, a religious practice, or being of service.  Whatever your practice is, begin with your practice to understand and implement exactly how to unplug your mind. You first have to learn how to unplug your mind so you can then plug it back in correctly, to always be in tune with your sacred heart, which is operating under a much higher intelligence.  Actually, the mind, when given a perfect logical argument, can’t determine on its own whether or not the argument is resting on false premises or not. This is a serious issue.  One example is a sociopath or psychopath.  An example is Adolf Hitler. His mind, and the minds to which he preached, followed a perfect argument based on false premises. The first step is to understand that whole mechanism and learn how to unplug it through YOUR practice--your religion, meditation, fasting, or, whatever that practice happens to be for you.

The second step is to get in touch with your soul’s purpose, which is getting in touch with your own sacred heart, and feeling into the space of what you are all about. What you’re REALLY all about. You have to go into that sacred space with pure innocence, without any sort of negativity, baggage, low self-esteem, or chatter. Whatever negativity it is, you have to “check all of it at the door” in order to enter into your own sacred space which is pure and innocent and one with the Divine.  The door will not be opened until you can enter in purity and innocence like a little child.  It’s a PRACTICE. Getting in touch with that sacred space, within yourself, which is not your physical heart, and it’s not your heart chakra, is the key. The chakras are actually part of your grander mind system. But your sacred heart is this point through which your soul enters at birth and will exit at death. This sacred, “zero-point” of your soul actually has a physical location in space. You can actually take your feelings and awareness into that space by asking yourself simple questions. For example you can take your awareness to another point in your body such as the middle of your knee and ask yourself, “Is that the center of my being or the center of my soul?”  99.9 percent of people will say “No, that does not feel like the center of my soul.”  The fact that you can even determine that answer, suggests that there IS a physical center point.  By repeatedly and honestly answering that question, as you scan and explore your own sense of being, you will eventually be lead to the door of your own sacred heart.   That center point is what I am talking about, which is your unique connection to the divine, and which has rooted within it, your sacred purpose, ever since the time your sacred love was birthed from the divine.  So, that’s the second step: getting in touch with what that is, and the feelings around it, and bringing that forth into reality.  Some people may immediately feel tapped into that sacred space and know what that purpose is.  For those who don’t feel that immediate connection, between that feeling and how it should be manifested in the physical plane, what I suggest is to just go about living your life, and clue into the areas of your life where you experience a natural joy. Where you feel natural joy in your life is a hint or an invitation, and from that point, you will have an inkling of what it is you need to “do.” Then, bringing forth the vision and intention and placing it into the sacred space will magnetically draw to you all that which you need to integrate into physical reality and which brings you joy.  That is the 3rd step.
That 3 step process of understanding what the mind is, what the sacred heart is, their relationship to each other, and consistently placing intention into your sacred heart to manifest your joy, will draw to you, through primal magnetism, the people, the events, and everything needed to create your heart’s desire.  Then, it becomes easy for you to start building that which gives you great joy. Those are the basic steps.

Parashakti: Wow. This is a lot of great information to work with. Is there anything more you would like to share in this process?

Sacred Steve: The only pitfall anyone is even capable of along this journey is the pitfall of judgment. That is judging oneself, others or anything.  What happens when one judges, is, in essence, an unconscious attempt to work against the universe, which is actually impossible.  More specifically, one is creating the illusion of separation, which actually does not exist.  When one creates this illusion, it causes a disconnect between the sacred heart and the mind, and that is the very opposite thing that one needs to do in order to fulfill one’s life’s mission.  In fact, when one judges, it causes a unique polarity within the “One Spirit” that ultimately ends up reversing on the one who judges.  No matter what one has judged, like a big rubber band, the universe swings one into the opposite polarity, and that which one has judged, one then becomes or gets to experience.  And then one gets to learn and realize that one should have never judged to begin with, because what one has judged, is part of God’s universe to begin with.

This is the only pitfall to be aware of. Always stay away from judgment.

Parashakti: I’d like to honor you for the work that you do and the wisdom that you carry and wish you on this path of liberation the expansiveness of what you are offering that which your heart is desiring and crying out to be heard loud and clear. You’ve created a product for those to awaken in their individual way. I acknowledge your work and your wisdom and hope your heart continues to shine in the brightest light with no judgment.


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Synopsis: Parashakti asks Sacred Steve about the inspiration behind Sacred Chocolate and how to bring forth one's dreams into reality!